This document describes the features that are planned for web services in Netbeans 6.1. For the core web services, there are two tables: the first one constitutes the "must-have" features and the second lists the "if-we-have-more-time" features. Links to the REST support can be accessed in the third table.

Must Have Features and Enhancements

Description Priority Owner Issuezilla Description Notes
Existing bugs for NB6.1 P1 Lukas Primary objective of this release is quality and performance improvement AI - Lukas to compile perf list. Quality criteria for NB 6.1 is defined in NB61 Quality Criteria
Support for clients of rpc/encoded wsdls in EE5 projects P1 Ajit 73853 Support for rpc/encoded clients in J2EE 5 projects is an important use case for JCAPs users
New Feature! Support for Axis runtime P2 Milan 118971 Another popular SOAP stack is Axis, a project from Apache and is the runtime supported by Eclipse. For Netbeans 6.1, support for web service creation will be provided. Support for Axis web service clients will be provided in another release.See description of complete Axis Support in Netbeans AI - Vidhya/RicoIs this going in UC or standard distro. AI - Milan to identify whats doable for 6.1 and which milestone.
New Feature! SOAP Monitor P2 Ajit 118953 Enables monitoring of outgoing and incoming SOAP messages. See One-pager Description AI - Rico to identify the story on HTTP monitor
Provide text field for specifying wsimport options P2 Rico 123393 The options that can be passed to wsimport constantly changes. We need to provide a generic facility to pass wsimportoptions as these become available with newer jaxws-ri versions.
Enable the use of wsdl in archive at runtime P2 Rico 123394 To optimize the retrieval of wsdl and schema at runtime, use the -wsdlLocation feature of wsimport.
Provide UI for specifying SOAP 1.2 binding P2 Rico 123397 This feature proposes a UI for specifying SOAP 1.2 binding in the from-java scenario.
Generate stub code for Web service and client using JAX-WS Provider and Dispatch API P2 Ajit 123837 This addresses the use cases where manipulation of raw XML is more advantageous than marshalling/unmarshalling Java objects. The use cases are described in the issuezilla. The initial design for this can be found here. This will likely be simplified.

If we have more time...

Description Priority Owner Issuezilla Description Notes
Unify ws client code generation between VWP and Netbeans core P2 Rico 123401 Currently, the code generation pattern used by VWP and web service core for web service clients is different. This feature proposes to unify these two.
Provide TCP/SOAP tester facility P2 118957 There is a need for Generic Tester where given a WSDL it would be good to generate the needed SOAP message and send it across. There is also a need to provide testing for a given client and server.
Provide web service unit testing facility P2 118955 The SOA modules currently have unit testing in the composite application project. Adding a similar feature to the web service core module would be useful when developing services regardless of the deployment target. This would also provide a reasonable way of testing document-centric web services which is repeatable.
Convert plain Java to Webservice P2 118960 A facility that converts existing POJOs and EJBs into web services.
Incorporate APIs from JAX-WS team based on requested RFEs P2 Rico 123405 The RFEs we submitted to the JAXWS team is scheduled to be implemented. Waiting for dates from JAXWS team AI - Rico to communicate plans from jax-ws team once identified.

REST Support

This table contains the links to the description of the REST support features in NB 6.1

Description Priority Owner Issuezilla Description Notes
Enhancements to RESTful web services P1 Peter http://wiki.netbeans.org/wiki/view/RESTNb6.1Plan
Enhancements to partner services P1 Peter http://wiki.netbeans.org/wiki/view/RESTNb6.1Plan
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