List of features available in NetBeans IDE Early Access for PHP build


  • supporting local web devolopment
  • supporting running php scripts in command line
  • creating project, customizing project
  • recognizing default location of document root in different OS
  • support for PHP include path - it can be global for all projects or per a project
  • Run and Debug project action
  • Run single file, Debug single file, Run in command line
  • Wizard for creating new php file
  • Wizard for creating new phtml file
  • Sample project Air Alliance Sample Application


  • put breakpoint in php code
  • local variables
  • watches
  • bubble watches - selecting a code in the editor and in the tooltip is displayed the value


  • Syntactic coloring
  • Semantic coloring
  • Embedded html, css, javascript
  • support for php short tags
  • support for php HEREDOC string
  • Folding
  • Error highlighting
  • Error recovery parser
  • Mark Occurrences
  • CodeCompletion for local context
  • CodeCompletion for global context
  • CodeCompletion for class context
  • CodeCompletion for PHP platform functions
  • CodeCompletion in strings and HEREDOC
  • File system code completion for include/require
  • Displaying dynamic help for code completion items
  • Bracket Matching
  • Indentation
  • Basic formatting
  • PHP comment completion /* */
  • PHP Doc generation /** */
  • Code abbreviation
  • Automatic Insertions (brackets, braces, parens, quotes, PHPDoc, ...)
  • Palette

Code Navigation

  • Go to Declaration
  • Go to Type
  • Hyperlinking
  • Go to declaration
  • Go to the included/required file
  • Navigator for PHP file
  • functions, classes, fields, constructors, methods, class constants and global constants
  • embedded navigator with other languages


  • Instant Rename
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