I have Xalan installed under jre/lib and the IDE refuses to start. Why?

Due to a bug in Xalan, project metadata may get corrupted when a Xalan is on the IDE classpath. For this reason, the IDE refuses to start when the broken Xalan is detected on the classpath. Please remove the Xalan under jre/lib/**.

In case you need a Xalan in jre/lib/endorsed or jre/lib/ext to run your project, please use two instances of the JDK, one to run the IDE and second to run your project.

If you think that the IDE refuses to start by error (ie. you do not have a Xalan anywhere on the IDE's classpath), please file a bug against the ant/project module in Issuezilla, and attach your messages.log.

Currently NetBeans 5.0 will not run on IBM's JDK 1.5 for related reasons. (Issue #66563) However fasces AT netbeans DOT org claims that this can be worked around by including the following in your ${IBM_JDK_FOLDER}/jre/lib/jaxp.properties:


Applies to: NetBeans 5.0

Platforms: All

Just an additional note that sometimes NetBeans 5.0 will still start with xalan 2.7.0 in the jre/lib/endorsed directory. The behavior you will see then is that creating new projects will appear to work, but they will not compile. If you stop/start NetBeans, then the project name will be lost and replaced by ???.

Of course, when working with OpenSAML 2.0, you are required to use a copy of Xalan and Xerces to work around bugs in the Sun JVM implementation of those classes.

If you want to add Xalan to a NetBeans RCP application follow these steps:

  1. Remove "META-INF/services" from xalan.jar, that way Xalan won't be registered in your NetBeans RCP and won't interfere with NetBeans infrastructure.
  2. Add xalan.jar to your NetBeans RCP application, bundling it as a Library Module.

See this thread for more info.

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