Why is browsing for a file from within any Open Dialog so slow?

Problem: Each time I click a button to browse for a directory (file), NetBeans 5.5 takes 99% CPU. I can still move the dialog all over the screen, but nothing happens and buttons don't work. I have to kill the 'java.exe' Windows process. This happens in all dialogs, e.g. to add an external .jar file, to import an Eclipse project, etc... System: Windows XP Professional Version 2002 service pack 1, jdk 1.5

Workaround Solution:

  • This is a JDK bug on Windows. Move all ZIP files away from your the directory you are browsing, e.g. Windows Desktop.
  • Starting from NetBeans 6.7, you can put "nb.FileChooser.useShellFolder=false" into netbeans.conf. This option will disable left side places bar and speed up the dialog.

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