Why is the bug reporting process so difficult!? It should be quick and easy to submit a bug!

We are aware that the bug submission process is harder than it ought to be. Remember that NetBeans is open source - there is no support department available to process incoming issues. By requiring more specific info in new issues, we can ensure that they will be routed to the right development team, and that the team have enough data to get started immediately when it arrives. The more accurate info provided, the faster and more efficiently it can be fixed.

Of course more info means more work for the submitter, and often the submitter won't know the answers to what is being requested of them - the normal bug submission form is quite complex and confusing for a first time visitor.

The current system isn't perfect, or even good, but it does help ensure that new issues are of a reasonable quality, every time. It is a working compromise.

If you've got ideas on how to improve it, they are most welcome - start a discussion on the nbdiscuss list. A better bug system is in everybody's best interests.

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