What is the NetBeans C/C++ Plugin?

The C/C++ plugin is a collection of modules that add C/C++ development support to the NetBeans platform. In older NetBeans releases, the C/C++ features were called the C/C++ Development Pack.

For the 6.7 release the C/C++ support includes:

  • C/C++ project support
  • C/C++ project templates
  • Qt application support
  • Qt development framework
  • Qt tool integration
  • makefile wizard
  • class viewer
  • editor
  • formatting styles
  • syntactic highlighting
  • error highlighting
  • C/C++ language model editor features including:
  • code folding
  • code completion
  • hyperlink navigation between symbol invocation and declaration
  • includes hierarchy
  • type hierarchy
  • usages window
  • call graph
  • debugging
  • remote development
  • add development host wizard
  • secure copy between localhost and remote host
  • packaging of completed applications
  • profiling of running applications on Solaris and Linux
  • graphical indicators for CPU
  • CPU time with details per function
  • memory usage with memory leak details
  • thread usage with thread sync details
  • Unit Tests support
  • Makefile editor
  • Shell editor
  • Fortran editor and Navigator

Applies to: NetBeans 6.9
Platforms: all

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