How to add VSS, ClearCase, CVS or TeamWare support to NetBeans 6.0?

Netbeans >= 7.1:

CVS plugin is available via Plugin Manager (main menu Tools > Plugins).

Netbeans >= 6.1:

VCS generic profiles are NOT supported. New Clearcase plugin is available via Plugin Manager (main menu Tools > Plugins).

Netbeans 6.0:

Note: Installing any of these supports will disable the standard versioning plugins in NetBeans 6.0 like CVS, Subversion or Mercurial. The VSS, ClearCase and TeamWare plugins use an older infrastructure (known as VCS Generic) which cannot coexist with the new versioning support used in NetBeans since version 5.0. You can remove the VSS/CC/TW plugins at any later time to get the standard versioning support back.

Steps to install:

  • Start the IDE.
  • Choose Tools > Plugins from the main menu.
  • Switch to the Settings tab. Click the Add button.
  • Name the new update center e.g. "VCS Generics".
  • Set URL to http://updates.netbeans.org/netbeans/updates/6.0/uc/final/vcsgenerics/catalog.xml.gz
  • Click OK and note that the new update center is listed among the available Update Centers.
  • Now switch to the Available Plugins tab and select the desired versioning systemm (e.g. "Visual SourceSafe"). Click the appropriate checkbox and proceed with installation.
  • Restart the IDE.

Note: A new ClearCase support with the full IDE integration is planned for NB 6.1.

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