An easy way to set up a local CVS repository in NB 4.1

If you wish to have local history of your files (repository) you will need to download external cvs executable from ( http://www.nongnu.org/cvs/ ) according to your OS and add path to this executable to the system PATH variable.

Rest of setup can be done from NetBeans:

  1. creating and setting up local Repository: Go to Versioning | CVS menu and choose Init Local Repostiory,
  fill appropriate empty directory on local machine where will
 CVS (via NetBeans) create your local repository (e.g. where all
 versioned files will be stored) to the field "Repository Path"
If you have setup PATH variable you don't need change "CVS Executable"
otherwise browse your cvs to field "CVS Executable"
When you press "OK" push button message "The repository directory
was successfully initialed should appear.
  1. checking out repository into new location:
Go to Versioning | CVS menu and choose Check Out.
CVS Server type select as local, Repository path select directory
from step 1) (your repository path) and as Working Directory
choose new empty directory - where will be stored your actual
local files you are working on that can be synchronized with repository,
commited etc.
  1. After pressing OK button there will be a new item in Versioning
  tab (activate it ctrl+8)
 Now on all files/projects stored/copied to the "Working directory" from step 2)
 you can invoke CVS actions from all views.

Applies to NetBeans 4.1

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