Can I use UNC paths in NetBeans IDE?

Yes. What works now:

  • create/open project at UNC path
  • build project on UNC path. You have to use the version of Ant bundled with the IDE, which is the default (Issue 146948).
  • start IDE with userdir/jdkhome in UNC path
  • start IDE in UNC path
  • add JDK platform in UNC path to IDE
  • place IDE in a UNC drive using the installer

What doesn't work (yet)

  • Building Javadoc on a project on a UNC path will probably fail, due to an apparent bug in the javadoc tool.
  • Building a project on a UNC path using stock Ant 1.7.1. Ant 1.7.0 may work, and Ant 1.7.2/1.8.0 should work too.
  • You cannot cd to a UNC path in cmd.exe, making it harder to test command-line Ant builds. You can however use
    ant -f server\path\project\build.xml
    (unless using Ant 1.7.1).

Other notes

  • File -> URL/URI conversion does not currently work very well for UNC paths in Java, so if your program manipulates files using URL/Is and your data files are on a UNC drive, it may encounter problems.

Applies to: NetBeans IDE >= 6.5

Platforms: All

See also: Issue 46813

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