I Get "Increase Heap Space Error" while Reverse Engineering a Large Java Project into UML Model. What do I do?

When you try to reverse engineer a large Java project into UML model, you get this error asking you to increase the heap size for this operation to succeed.

The default memory settings for NetBeans 6.0 M9 is '-J-Xmx192m'. This has to be increased in order to reverse engineer large Java projects. Here is how.

If you have the available memory,

1. Locate your Netbeans installation directory ($install_dir). This can be found by starting up NetBeans and selecting Help -> About then select the Detail tab.
2. Edit the $install_dir/etc/netbeans.conf file.
3. Find the line defining netbeans_default_options.
4. Increase the maximum memory attribute to -J-Xmx512m.
5. If you experience heap overflows while working with larger files, you should increase this value further

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