How Can a File be Added as Binary?

You can use the Commit Action column in the Commit dialog and in the third step of the Import wizard to specify how a new local file is treated during a commit:

Actions for new local files:

  • Add as Text: The file is added textually and committed into a repository. With text files, you can use the Diff command to create a graphical diff of the file.
  • Add as Binary: The file is added binary and committed into a repository.
  • Exclude from Commit: Neither addition nor committing is performed. File/directory is excluded from all commit operations.
  • Add as Directory: This option is shown only for directories.

Actions for locally modified files:

  • Commit: file/directory will be committed.
  • Exclude from Commit: File/directory will be omitted from commit. File/directory name is displayed with strike-through text and it is excluded from all commit operations.
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