How do I verify that a module was staged correctly on the NetBeans Update Center?

In order to access the staging area of the NetBeans Update Center you need to modify its URL. This means to add _stage between catalogue and .xml.gz (NetBeans 6.* or newer) or to insert test before www so that the URL begins with http://testwww.netbeans.org/updates/ string (NetBeans 5.* and older).

How to change Update Center URL in NetBeans 6.0 or newer

  1. Invoke Tools|Plugins from main menu.
  2. Switch to Settings tab.
  3. Select desired entry in the Configuration of Update Centers e.g. NetBeans Beta.
  4. Push Edit button.
  5. Modify value of URL field to e.g. http://updates.netbeans.org/netbeans/updates/6.1/uc/final/beta/catalog_stage.xml.gz and push OK button.
  6. List of available staged modules will be retrieved.
  7. Switch to Available Plugins tab to see it.


How to change Update Center URL in NetBeans 5.*

  1. Invoke Tools|Options from main menu.
  2. Push Advanced Options button.
  3. Expand IDE Configuration|System|Autoupdate Types nodes.
  4. Select desired subnode e.g. NetBeans Update Center Beta.
  5. Modify value of Server URL property to e.g. http://testwww.netbeans.org/updates/beta/551_{$netbeans.autoupdate.version}_{$netbeans.autoupdate.regnum}.xml?{$netbeans.hash.code} and press Enter .
  6. Push Close button.
  7. Invoke Tools|Update Center from main menu.
  8. Uncheck all Update Centers but the one you just modified i.e. NetBeans Update Center Beta.
  9. Use Proxy Configuration... button to setup your network connection if necessary.
  10. Push Next > button.
  11. List of available staged modules will be retrieved and displayed.


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