How to connect to an svn repository with user-certificated authentication?

There is no UI for setting user-certificated authentication. But it's possible to set Subversion's servers file to handle this case in the IDE:

  • Close NetBeans.
  • Modify the servers file located at:
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Subversion
  • Unix: ~/.subversion (or /etc/subversion)
    Add the following lines:
ssl-client-cert-file = <your_cert_file>
ssl-client-cert-password = <password>

NOTE: On Windows, if you are specifying a full path to a command, use a forward slash (/) or a paired backslash (\\) as the path separator. A single backslash will be treated as an escape for the following character.

  • Start the IDE and everything should work as expected.
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