What is displayed when I navigate to a builtin class?

The IDE's editor has a Navigate > Go to Declaration feature - just put the cursor on any method. When you choose a method that is in one of Ruby's builtin classes, the IDE will open a file in the ruby1/rubystubs subdirectory. It is used to create a Ruby view of the builtin classes in Ruby. These are implemented in C (for native Ruby), and Java (for JRuby), and in some cases the documentation is not in the same place as the implementation. Thus, the rubystubs directory creates a Ruby reality for the builtin stuff - and this is used for code indexing and code completion and documentation. The alternative would be to try to warp to some code in native Ruby or JRuby which corresponds to these APIs but it would be tricky.

Applies to: NetBeans 6.x

Platforms: All

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