How do I use Mongrel in the NetBeans IDE?

You can use the Tools > Ruby Gems dialog box to install Mongrel. Click New Gems, select mongrel and click Install.

To install from the command line, use the appropriate command for your interpreter:

  • gem install mongrel
  • jruby -S gem install mongrel

NetBeans IDE 6.1

To use the Mongrel server for a Rails project, right-click the project's node, and choose Properties from the pop-up menu. Select Mongrel from the Server drop-down list.

NetBeans IDE 6.0

When Mongrel is installed, Rails runs Mongrel by default. If, after you install Mongrel, you want to run using the WEBrick server, open the Scripts > server file, and add the following line immediately following the shebang (#!) line.

ARGV 0="webrick"

When you run your application or view, the browser will not display the page automatically. After the IDE starts the Mongrel server, you will have to enter the URL manually, such as http://localhost:3000. (Bug # 125084)

To pass arguments to Mongrel, open the Scripts > server file, and immediately following the shebang (#!) line, add a line similar to the following statement:

ARGV+=%w(mongrel_rails start -e test)

Applies to: NetBeans 6.x

Platforms: All

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