How is object liveness tracked?

When profiling an application, the liveness status is tracked only for those objects whose allocation it previously registered. That is, it does not make heap snapshots like some other tools. Instead, it internally associates Java WeakReference with objects that it registered allocated. If you started object liveness profiling in the middle of program execution, or if you invoke the Reset Collected Results command while profiling, it is likely that you will not see all of the live objects that are on the heap of your target VM. However, when solving the most important problems that object liveness profiling addresses - allocating too many objects over time, and memory leaks - this is not a serious issue. In these situations it is more important to see how many objects the application allocates and garbage collects currently, rather than how many have been allocated long ago, perhaps even at application startup time.

Applies to: NetBeans 5.5/6.*

Platforms: All

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