Is there a NetBeans forum? Can I post messages via the web?

You have two options how to access the nbusers mailing list and others through a forum / web interface.


The official NetBeans Community Forums are sync'ed with the most widely-used NetBeans Mailing Lists. A comment posted on a forum will appear on the corresponding mailing list, and vice versa.

Note: Your netbeans.org password will not work for the NetBeans Community Forums. A separate sign up for the forums is required.

Nabble's Free Hosted Public Forums service

Additionally, all NetBeans mailing list messages are archived to the Nabble forum. Browse and search archived e-mails, posts to the mailing lists are propagated to the forum, and vice versa. See the overview of all NetBeans Forums hosted on Nabble.com.

How to use:

  1. You must register with Nabble to use this service.
  2. Note that messages posted via the forum will be moderated if you are not subscribed to the mailing list. To save your messages being moderated (and delayed) and to spare the moderators work, please contact the list owner (e.g. nbusers-owner@netbeans.org for nbusers@netbeans.org), and request to be added to the list of non-subscribers allowed to post.

For other ways of posting to NetBeans lists, see FaqHowToPost

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