How to get my plugin on NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center?

If you have your own plugin in the NetBeans Plugin Portal and you want to expose it to a wider audience of NetBeans IDE users you can request verification of your plugin. In order to do that please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your plugin satisfies Update Center Requirements and also meets Quality Criteria
  2. Login to netbeans.org website and go to the NetBeans Plugin Portal
  3. Click My Plugins link from the user navigation toolbar
  4. Click the plugin to be verified
  5. Under Verifications for NetBeans versions section select the NetBeans IDE version that you want the plugin verified for
  6. Click request Verification button

The last step initiates plugin verification process itself. All verifiers will receive an e-mail and they are expected to verify your plugin in a timely manner. You can see progress of the verification by checking its status. Once at least two verifiers approve your plugin and nobody disagrees, the plugin gets immediately published on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center (PPUC).

Due to plugin verifications done by volunteers from the NetBeans community who are real humans we suggest every plugin owner to follow a standard software development process and to release new binaries through PPUC in cycles which include testing and bug fixing phase. Plugin owners cannot expect that they keep fixing bugs in their plugins freely uploading new NBM/ZIP file(s) several times a week and always asking for new verification. That is counter-productive and impolite as it always removes previous votes from verifiers. One or maximum two releases per month is acceptable.

Since the Plugin Verifiers Team consists of volunteers from the NetBeans community, it might happen that they are all busy and your verification request remains pending for several days. An average verification takes ~8 days so if you wait for more than two weeks, you can escalate your request through the Plugin Verifiers mailing list. If this does not help either, you can contact NetBeans Community Manager.

Note: If your plugin has been verified and published on the PPUC, uploading new binary will leave the current version of your plugin on the PPUC until the newly uploaded version gets successfully verified - if you ask for it again. Then the new plugin version will replace the old one. The new version will be available from the Plugin Portal immediately.


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