How do I add my own Plugins?

  • Make sure you are logged in to the Plugin Portal.
  • Go to Plugin Portal.
  • Click the Publish Your Own Plugin button on the Plugin Portal front page.
  • Select if you want to physically upload your plugin or just refer your own site from the Plugin Portal.
  • In the former case let the I want to upload the plugin so it will be available for download from the netbeans.org Plugin Portal option checked and specify location of your NBM or ZIP file containing more NBM files.
  • In the latter case select I don't want to upload the plugin now, because it's hosted on another web site. option.
  • Click Next button.
  • Fill in the form accordingly - all fields with red * sign are required.
  • Specify Plugin Name and its License Type e.g. CDDL or GPLv2
  • Choose at least one Supported NetBeans Version which your plugin works with.
  • Use Homepage to provide URL to your plugin's official site or codebase.
  • Choose at least one Category your plugin belongs to.
  • Optionally, provide Thumbnail and/or Full Size Image showing your plugin in action. The images must be in either .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
  • The Summary field is used for short description of your plugin when browsing through plugin catalogue.
  • The Long Description field is used for a more detailed description of the plugin. The description field supports majority of HTML tags.
  • The What's new in this version field is used for explanation of newly added features, fixed bugs etc. when uploading new plugin binary. This field also supports most HTML tags.
  • Finally push Save Plugin button.
  • After you add a plugin, it will be waiting for approval which can take up to several days but typically 12 hours. If it takes longer, please submit a ticket.
  • Once the plugin is approved it shows up in the Newly Added or Updated list on the Plugin Portal front page.
  • You can optionally request verification of your plugin in order to get it published on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center.
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