I want to use my own keystore when signing a Java project for Java WebStart deployment

By default a Java SE project for WebStart deployment is signed by a generated key saved in a keystore created just for the one project in the build folder.

If you have your own keystore you can use it instead to sign project JARs when building a JNLP-capable project. To do so you need to open nbproject/private/private.properties in the Files tab and add the following properties:

jnlp.signjar.keystore=<location of the keystore on disk>
jnlp.signjar.storepass=<valid store password>
jnlp.signjar.keypass=<valid key password>
jnlp.signjar.alias=<valid alias>

and provide correct values, of course.

You can use nbproject/project.properties for some properties only if you expect them to be versioned and shared with others (do not include absolute paths or passwords).

The current default build scripts do not support asking for the password interactively, though you could do this using a custom target in build.xml using the <input> task.

Then if you check the Self-signed checkbox in the project's customizer panel it will use the keystore provided by you to sign project JAR files.

Applies to: NetBeans 7.0 and later

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