Can I access the lists via NNTP?

Yes, you can access NetBeans mailing lists as newsgroups through a mail-to-news gateway service called GMane or Nabble. Point your newsreader to the NNTP server news.gmane.org.

The most popular NetBeans newsgroups are:

Mailing list GMane URL Nabble URL
nbusers@netbeans.org gmane.comp.java.ide.netbeans.user NetBeans IDE Users
nbdev@netbeans.org gmane.comp.java.netbeans.devel NetBeans Project Developers
dev@platform.netbeans.org gmane.comp.java.netbeans.modules.openide.devel NetBeans RCP Users

Other lists can be found on GMane or Nabble. Note that GMane's and Nabble's naming conventions are slightly different than netbeans.org's, so the newsgroups don't necessarily have exactly the same names as the corresponding mailing lists. All groups are in the gmane.comp.java.netbeans.* or gmane.comp.java.ide.netbeans.* hierarchies.

How to use newsgroups:

  1. To just read messages in a group, you do not need to be subscribed to anything. Just point your newsreader to the news.gmane.org and choose a list.
  2. To be able to post via GMane, you need to reply to an authorization message GMane sends you when you first try to post to a given group.
  3. If you post a message via GMane or Nabble and it bounces, contact the list owner and request that your address be added to the list of non-subscribers allowed to post. GMane refers to this as switching to nomail mode. The list owner address is always of the form <listname>-request@netbeans.org. E.g. if you want to post to nbusers@netbeans.org, you contact nbusers-request@netbeans.org.

For other ways of posting to NetBeans lists, see How do I send a message to the list? FAQ page.

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