Java Desktop Application: New Record on detailTable is not working

This is a consequence of the latest update of Beans Binding library. We force the update of the detail table by un-selection and re-selection of the corresponding row in the master table. This worked with the previous versions of the library because they worked as if they had 'sourceUnreadableValue' set to 'null' for all bindings. Now, when the selection is cleared then nothing happens because 'sourceUnreadableValue' is not set for 'detailTable.elements' binding. The fix is to set 'sourceUnreadableValue' of this binding to 'null'. It has been already solved in trunk, but not for NetBeans 6.0 because it's too late :o(. If you want to fix that in form/application generated by NetBeans 6.0, follow these steps:

  1. Select detailTable
  2. Switch to Binding category in Properties window
  3. Select elements property
  4. Invoke property customizer (Press ... button)
  5. Switch to Advanced tab.
  6. Check 'Unreadable Source Value' (<none> should be selected in combo next to this check-box).
  7. Press OK.

  Applies to: Netbeans 6.0
  Platforms: All
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