Frequently Asked Questions about NetFIX

1. How does contribution of patches work?

Oh, it's very simple! Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. NetFIX developer wants to fix some issue.
  2. If the issue does not have NETFIX keyword, s/he must add jkovalsky to issue's Cc: list and ask module owner for permission to take ownership of the issue by adding this comment: "I'd like to NetFIX [1] this bug. Is it possible? [1] http://wiki.netbeans.org/NetFIX"
  3. If the module owner agrees, NetFIX developer must update Wiki pool, assign the issue to her/himself and then s/he can start working on the fix. If the module owner disagrees, s/he must provide an explanation of the denial.
  4. When the bug fix is ready, a patch must be attached to the issue and the Wiki pool must be updated.
  5. Module owner is expected to review the patch at her/his earliest convenience and either integrate it or reject with justification.

2. How can I participate in this program?

If you have an experience with software development and want to help fix some NetBeans bugs, simply subscribe to netfix@netbeans.org mailing list and add your record to a registration Wiki page. If you do not register in the Wiki, you will not be considered as NetFIX participant. This means your activity will not be monitored and you will not be entitled to receiving any recognition in the end.

3. Can I work on more bug fixes at the same time?

No, please try to focus on just one bug at a time. Once you attach a patch to the issue, you can switch another bug of course. So, please try to avoid working on more bug fixes at once.

4. My patch is being ignored. What can I do?

If your bug remains in "Patched" state for several weeks and nobody pays attention to your questions, please contact NetFIX coordinator.

5. Is it possible to participate in NetCAT program and NetFIX too?

No, we prefer having one excellent participant than two average participants. If you subscribe to both programs, your NetFIX participation will be automatically terminated.

6. Do I have to sign Contributor Agreement in order to join NetFIX?

Yes, this is absolutely necessary. Please refer to our guidelines if you don't have CA signed.

7. I want to help but I am novice. What technical stuff do I need to know?

First of all please read our How to contribute bug patches tutorial. Secondly, if you are not acquainted with Mercurial, learn the Mercurial guidelines for NetBeans developers too.

8. As NetFIX developer, can I also implement features?

No, primary focus of the NetFIX program is bug fixing and not feature/enhancement development. If you prefer contributing new features, consider joining NetDEV program instead.

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