My school/JUG wants to teach Java and NetBeans, do you offer an academic program?

NetBeans Education Project

Your JUG, middle school, high-school or university wants to offer programming classes? We suggest to use the NetBeans IDE together with our free training materials!

The NetBeans Education Project offers courses, such as the extremely popular NetBeans Platform Certified Training.

Contact us at users AT edu.netbeans.org and join the growing community of teachers who use NetBeans in the classroom. Ask questions, share resources, and get connected.

Sun Academic Initiative

The Sun Academic Initiative offers official web-based courses as well as instructor-led trainings. You can learn more and apply for the program here:

Training Materials

FREE NetBeans-based teaching materials (beginners):

FREE Java training materials (beginner - medium)

FREE Advanced Java and Web App tutorials (medium - advanced)

Professional Java and Web 2.0 Online Training (beginner, medium, advanced)

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