How Can I Use the SVG Menu Component in Mobile Applications?

The SVGMenu component is in the Visual Designer palette in NetBeans Mobility. It allows you to add SVG Menu Element to the SVGMenu. The SVG Menu Element can then be bound to an element with an ID in the SVG image.

	<text id="menuItem_0" ... >;

You can do it either manually in Properties of the SVG Menu Element by naming the SVG Menu Element exactly same as the ID or you can follow the SVG Menu Item pattern when creating IDs of the elements in your SVG image. The pattern is "menuItem_NUMBER". When you assign a SVG image with IDs that follow the pattern to the SVGMenu component then the SVG Menu Elements will be created automatically for you.

You can watch screencast to see it in action. http://blogs.sun.com/lukas/resource/svg-menu.html

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