Using NetBeans to Remotely Manage Java ME resources on a Sony Ericsson phone.

The Java Platform Manager within the IDE enables you to install and use the tools and utilities included with many different emulator platforms, such as a Sony Ericsson Java ME SDK. Using the Tools and Utilities of a Sony Ericsson Java ME SDK, you can see all the files and MIDlets stored on your mobile phone, and also run, test, and debug MIDlets on the device for which they've been created.

Steps to remotely manage Java ME resources on a Sony Ericsson Phone:

  1. Download and install the Sony Ericsson Java ME SDK that corresponds to the Sony Ericsson mobile phone you are using.
  2. Use the Java Platform Manager to register the Sony Ericsson (On-Device Debug) platform emulator with the IDE.
  3. In the Java Platform Manager, select the Tools and Extensions tab for the Sony Ericsson emulator platform.
  4. Click the Open Utilities button. This opens the Device Explorer and the Connection Proxy windows.
  5. Use the Connection Proxy to connect to your mobile phone. After making the connection, the Connection Proxy window displays the connected device. Note: You must leave the Connection Proxy window open throughout the entire session.
  6. In the Device Manager, you can see the contents of the mobile phone, your machine, and an output window.

From the Device Explorer window, you can:

  • See a listing of all installed MIDlets
  • Start, stop, pause and resume execution of a MIDlet for debugging
  • Delete installed MIDlets
  • Manually invoke garbage collection
  • Preview MIDlet information
  • Manually delete RMS entries

From the File Explorer window, you can browse the file system for MIDlets to install to the handset.

  1. Select a JAD or JAR file to enable the phone transfer icon.
  2. Click on the icon to transfer the files.

In future sessions, you can access the Device Explorer from the Java Platform Manager:

  1. Choose Tools > Java Platform Managers
  2. Select the Sony Ericsson Java ME SDK (Debug on Device) platform
  3. Select the Tools & Extensions tab
  4. Click the Open Utilities button
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