Why are some project categories missing from the New Project dialog?

In the New Project dialog, sometimes less categories are listed than you would expect. For example, you may not see the entry allowing you to create a "General Java Application".

The most likely case is when you are using the All distribution. This bundle of NetBeans includes a "Feature on Demand" function, which keeps the size of the running IDE down to the minimum necessary. Any necessary features should be activated automatically when you select a project template, but if this is not working for you, you might need to activate the feature yourself.

Similarly if you downloaded a smaller bundle: It does not contain all the categories that you'd find in the "All" bundle, but you can always add them manually later.

To activate a feature manually:

  1. Open the Tools > Plugins menu
  2. Go to the Installed tab.
  3. Select and activate the feature you need.
  4. Return to the New Project dialog

Other Troubleshooting tips

If the IDE cannot find a JDK, it does not offer to create new Java projects.

  • If you have strange characters (such as ! @ | ... ) in e.g. your home directory's name, make sure your operating system handles this correctly when finding the JDK.
  • Check the Log files. If they say "... you are trying to run the IDE with the JRE instead of the full JDK." then make certain you have not only the JRE (for running the IDE) installed, but also the JDK (to create projects), and that the JDK is on the PATH.
  • Broken New Project categories can also be a sign of a corrupted userdir. Delete your userdir entirely, restart NetBeans, and allow it to generate a new userdir from scratch. This "reset" might repair the problem. For more on userdir, please refer to NetBeansUserFAQ#Configuration.

Applies to: NetBeans 6.7+

Platforms: All

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