How do I report a JVM crash on Mac OS X?

See also how to create a good bug report, especially don't forget to add the IDE log file. Writing a detailed description of how the problem can be reproduced is the best way to make it easy to analyze and also to verify the fix later.

JVM crash

If you experience a situation when the JVM crashes on Mac OS X (i.e. exits completely and suddenly), the system may generate several files that will help us (or the JDK team) better understand the situation:

  • Error log in the notification dialog - the system will display a dialog labeled something like "NetBeans quit unexpectedly while using the liblwawt.dylib plugin, with OK/Reopen buttons. This dialog contains the details of the error - copy and paste this log to a file and attach it to the bug report.
  • hs_err_pid[pid].log - the system may generate a file with a name similar to this. Please attach this file to the bug report.
  • Code dump - this file is not generated by default, but it can be obtained and reported as follows:
    1. Edit (or create) /etc/launchd.conf file and add the following line: limit core unlimited unlimited
    2. Reboot
    3. Next time the JVM crashes, core dump will be generated as /cores/core.[pid]
    4. Upload it to netbeans.org (see the section below)
    5. Paste the link to the uploaded file to the bug report

Uploading large files

Core dump files are invariably very large, and while they compress quite well using zip or gzip, it is not practical to attach them as an attachment to bugzilla. Rather, please use the following Hudson job, intended specifically for uploading large files: http://deadlock.netbeans.org/hudson/job/upload/build

  1. Compress the core dump file using zip or gzip
  2. Select the compressed file using the Choose File button at http://deadlock.netbeans.org/hudson/job/upload/build
  3. Press Build and wait until the upload completes (this will take a long time)
  4. The job will display a link to the uploaded file - paste this link to the bug report
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