What does 'Entitlement' mean in the Global Software License?

The Global License makes reference to binaries that are included in the various NetBeans add-on packs. If the user downloads a particular pack that utilizes binaries, then the user is subject to the terms of the Entitlement and Software License Agreement (SLA) governing those binaries, which are listed in the Global License.

For example, the SOA pack includes the Jgo 5.1 binaries, the UML pack includes the Tom Sawyer binaries, and the Mobility pack includes the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit binaries. Each of these binaries correspond to a specific Entitlement and SLA, in the Global License.

Beyond agreeing to the terms of the applicable Entitlement and the SLA in order to use the various binaries in the selected packs, the user needs nothing further.

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