How can I add Nokia SDKs if NetBeans Platform Manager does not recognize these SDKs as valid ones?

Not all SDKs can be added directly using Platform Manager. For example, Nokia 6230 SDK (and all newer SDKs) can be added, some other Nokia emulators (older) have to be added through J2ME Wireless Toolkit (default SDK installed with NetBeans Mobility Pack). For example, after installation of Nokia 6310i SDK, copy directory C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6310i_MIDP_SDK_v1_1 to ${wtk_installation}\wtklib\devices. J2ME WTK which is installed together with Mobility Pack can be found in ${your_home_directory}.netbeans\4.1\emulators\wtk22_win\emulator\wtk22. Then go to Plaform Manager, choose J2ME Wireless Toolkit and press Refresh. Use J2ME Wireless Toolkit as an emulator and choose Nokia 6310i device. NOTE: See hint in "How can I develop MIDP 1.0-compliant application when my emulator only supports MIDP 2.0?" topic when the MIDP 1.0 option is disabled for your MIDP 1.0 emulator.

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