How Can I Increase Debugger Timeout?


Increase the timeout="60000" property of nb-kjava-debug task in nbdebug target from build-impl.xml

To increase the debugger timeout you can modify the build.xml in your project directory by overriding the "nbdebug" target (located in nbproject/build-impl.xml) and changing the timeout="60000" property of nb-kjava-debug task.

  • Example

task copied from nbproject/build-impl.xml

    <target name="nbdebug" description="Start NetBeans debugger" if="netbeans.home">
    <echo message="-----nbdebug overriden-----------"/>
        <nb-kjava-debug address="${jpda.port}" name="${app.codename}" timeout="60000" period="2000">
                <path path="${platform.bootclasspath}"/>
                <path path="${dist.dir}/${dist.jar}"/>
                <path path="${src.dir}"/>
                <path path="${libs.src.path}"/>

you will increase the timeout to 60 secs. The limitation of this is that you have to do this for each project where you want to increase the timeout value.


Add debug.delay property to your project.properties or private.properties. Value is in miliseconds

  • Example

file nbproject/private/private.properties




This will increase the initial delay for which NB will wait before trying to connect to the debugger to 50 seconds

Applies to: NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5, 6.0 Platforms: All

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