How can I develop MIDP 1.0-compliant application when my emulator only supports MIDP 2.0?

Well, if an SDK says it is MIDP 2.0 it means it provides classpath with MIDP 2.0 classes. You can compile and run MIDP 1.0 with a MIDP 2.0 SDK as it is backward compatible. In NetBeans, if an SDK is MIDP 2.0 only you can still change a property of the application descriptor/manifest - go to project's Properties > Application Descriptor > Attributes > Add > choose MicroEdition-Profile and set it to MIDP-1.0. The only problem is that you have to check whether you are not using MIDP 2.0 classes yourself, because IDE is using SDK's classpath for code completion and compilation and that classpath is unfortunately MIDP 2.0.

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