How can I import a set of plugins from the previous version of the IDE?

  • When you start the NetBeans IDE 6.8 for the first time (e.g. with fresh userdir), a dialog asks you if you want to import settings from a previous version. Click Yes.
  • NetBeans imports your settings and then continues starting as usual.
  • The Plugin Importer analyses the previous NetBeans installations (the previous userdir) searching for NetBeans plugins. (this may take a short while)
  • If any plugins are found, then:
  1. The Plugin Importer checks if these plugins are installed already in the running IDE.
  2. The Plugin Importer checks if these plugins are available on any subscribed Update Center (Tools > Plugins)
  3. If not, the Plugin Importer determines if these plugins can be copied into the running IDE.
  • In case some of the plugins can be imported, you are notified by an icon in the IDE statusbar.
  • Click the icon to invoke the Importer dialog.

If the dialog did not show up or you want to add modules you skipped, you can point the Plugin Importer to a netbeans user dir or cluster at start-up: Start the IDE from the command line using the following option:

netbeans -J-Dplugin.manager.import.from=~/.netbeans/6.7/

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Applies to: NetBeans IDE 6.9, 6.8, 6.7 on all platforms.

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