How To Configure XAMPP with NetBeans Database Explorer

Contributed By; Varun Nischal

Prior to this FAQ, you must see this blog entry 1 done by James Branam. As you know, he configured MySQL Community Server with the Database Explorer. Now, Database Explorer contains Databases/Server Nodes. So, if we need to configure XAMPP, WAMP or any other -AMP stack OR probably only use Community Server. Then, you need to change properties for MySQL Server Node.

So, James in his blog entry 1, explained how to do it with MySQL Server, later on with MySQL Administrator Tool.

Now, we will learn how to do it with XAMPP, to start with. So, see the following image, then I will direct you how to go about it; File:mysql-xampp-admin-tool_FaqHowToConfigXAMPPwithDatabaseExplorer.png

You must be wondering what's entered in above Path fields, lets do a comparative analysis of James blog, and this configuration-

MySQL Server Properties

To setup MySQL Server, you may have a look at my blog entry 2, where I have written steps for setting up Community Server (no-install-zip), and configured it with GUI Tool MySQL Administrator.

Also, there are some pointers to working with MySQL in NetBeans, i.e. Learning Trails.
Entry Fields Separate Installation Bundled with XAMPP
Path/URL to admin tool Browse to the admin tool "mysql-dir/bin/mysqladmin" Browse to the GUI Tool "/MySQL Tools for version/"
Path to start command Browse to the "mysql-dir/bin/mysqld" command
Path to stop command Browse to the admin tool "mysql-dir/bin/mysqladmin" Browse to the admin tool "xampplite/myql/bin/mysqladmin"
Because you're using the admin tool to stop the server, type
-u root
to assign root privileges, along with {stop} as shown in the figure.


#1 MySQL Properties
#2 MySQL GUI Admin Tool and NetBeans

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