How can I setup and access local repositories?

The IDE needs an external CVS server to access local repositories.

  • On Unix machines ordinary CVS serves this purpose. No special setup needed if the CVS executable lies on the search path. Optionally, you can define a CVS_EXE environment variable to point to the executable.
  • On Windows, manual setup is required because the standard CVS executable does not support server mode (it does not accept the server parameter). To work around this, you need CVSNT.

To install CVSNT and set up your local repositories in its GUI:

  1. Open the CVSNT control panel
  2. Select the Repository configuration panel
  3. Click Add - within this dialog a new repository will be created and initialized
  4. The "Name" column value is used as "your_path_to_repository" in the Checkout wizard
  5. Switch back to main panel and start CVSNT service

From here, you can set up local repository access in two ways:

  1. Connecting via :pserver:
  • In Netbeans, use :pserver:your_username@localhost:/your_path_to_repository
  1. Connecting via :local:
  • Start CVSNT locking service
  • Set the CVS_EXE environment variable to point to CVSNT executable, e.g. C:\utils\CVSNT\cvs.exe
  • In Netbeans, use :local:/your_path_to_repository

In both cases, you may need to also init (i.e. CVS init) your local repository with CVSNT.

  Applies to: NetBeans 7.x, 6.x, 5.x
  See also:    NetBeans 4.1 
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