How do I set up endorsed directory for Tomcat

In case of running the Netbeans IDE and/or Tomcat on JDK 6, one have to move JAX-WS APIs to Tomcat's endorsed directory and how to do this differs between Tomcat's versions:

bundled/external Tomcat 5.5.17 in NetBeans since 6.0

set up JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS environment property to point to $NETBEANS_HOME/java3/modules/ext/jaxws22/api/ and restart the IDE and the server


set JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS=c:\Program Files\netbeans-6.8\java3\modules\ext\jaxws22\api\


export JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS=/home/user/netbeans-6.8/java3/modules/ext/jaxws22/api/

external Tomcat 5.5.23 in NetBeans since 6.0

Copy jars from $NETBEANS_HOME/java3/modules/ext/jaxws22/api/ to $TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/common/endorsed

bundled/external Tomcat 6.0.13 in NetBeans since 6.0

Copy jars from $NETBEANS_HOME/java3/modules/ext/jaxws22/api/ to $TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/endorsed

Note: If you use JDK version 1.5, no additional endorsed dir related actions are needed!

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