What are macros and how do I use them?

A macro is a list of editor action names and string literals. Each editor action has a unique name (identifier), which can be used in a macro to perform such an action. The string literals in macros are inserted to a document as if you typed their characters on a keyboard.

In the editor, you can record macros by choosing Edit > Start Macro Recording and then, once you have performed the relevant actions, Edit > Stop Macro Recording. The Macro Editor then pops up, where you can assign the macro to a keyboard shortcut (e.g., Ctrl-L) and where you can also edit your macro, using a special macro syntax.

For example, this macro selects everything from the cursor's current position to the end of the line and deletes it:

selection-end-line remove-selection

The list of keywords (editor action names) in the special macro syntax is as follows:

Macro Description
abbrev-debug-line Debug Filename and Line Number
adjust-caret-bottom Move Insertion Point to Bottom
adjust-caret-center Move Insertion Point to Center
adjust-caret-top Move Insertion Point to Top
adjust-window-bottom Scroll Insertion Point to Bottom
adjust-window-center Scroll Insertion Point to Center
adjust-window-top Scroll Insertion Point to Top
all-completion-show Show All Code Completion Popup
annotations-cycling Annotations Cycling
beep Beep
build-popup-menu Build Popup Menu
build-tool-tip Build Tool Tip
caret-backward Insertion Point Backward
caret-begin Insertion Point to Beginning of Document
caret-begin-line Insertion Point to Beginning of Text on Line
caret-begin-word Insertion Point to Beginning of Word
caret-down Insertion Point Down
caret-end Insertion Point to End of Document
caret-end-line Insertion Point to End of Line
caret-end-word Insertion Point to End of Word
caret-forward Insertion Point Forward
caret-line-first-column Insertion Point to Beginning of Line
caret-next-word caret-next-word
caret-previous-word caret-previous-word
caret-up Insertion Point Up
collapse-all-code-block-folds Collapse All Java Code
collapse-all-folds Collapse All
collapse-all-javadoc-folds Collapse All Javadoc
collapse-fold Collapse Fold
comment Comment
complete-line Complete Line
complete-line-newline Complete Line and Create New Line
completion-show Show Code Completion Popup
copy-selection-else-line-down Copy Selection else Line down
copy-selection-else-line-up Copy Selection else Line up
copy-to-clipboard Copy
cut-to-clipboard Cut
cut-to-line-begin Cut from Insertion Point to Line Begining
cut-to-line-end Cut from Insertion Point to Line End
default-typed Default Typed
delete-next Delete Next Character
delete-previous Delete Previous Character
documentation-show Show Documentation Popup
dump-view-hierarchy Dump View Hierarchy
expand-all-code-block-folds Expand All Java Code
expand-all-folds Expand All
expand-all-javadoc-folds Expand All Javadoc
expand-fold Expand Fold
fast-import Fast Import
find-next Find Next Occurrence
find-previous Find Previous Occurrence
find-selection Find Selection
first-non-white Go to First Non-whitespace Char
fix-imports Fix Imports
format Format
generate-code Insert Code
generate-fold-popup Generate Fold Popup
generate-goto-popup Generate Goto Popup
generate-gutter-popup Margin
goto Go to Line...
goto-declaration Go to Declaration
goto-help Go to Javadoc
goto-implementation Go to Implementation
goto-source Go to Source
goto-super-implementation Go to Super Implementation
in-place-refactoring Instant Rename
incremental-search-backward Incremental Search Backward
incremental-search-forward Incremental Search Forward
insert-break Insert Newline
insert-date-time Insert Current Date and Time
insert-tab Insert Tab
introduce-constant Introduce Constant...
introduce-field Introduce Field...
introduce-method Introduce Method...
introduce-variable Introduce Variable...
java-next-marked-occurrence Navigate to Next Occurrence
java-prev-marked-occurrence Navigate to Previous Occurrence
jump-list-last-edit Last edit
jump-list-next Forward
jump-list-prev Back
last-non-white Go to Last Non-whitespace Char
make-getter Replace Variable With its Getter
make-is Replace Variable With its is* Method
make-setter Replace Variable With its Setter
match-brace Insertion Point to Matching Brace
move-selection-else-line-down Move Selection else Line down
move-selection-else-line-up Move Selection else Line up
org.openide.actions.PopupAction Show Popup Menu
page-down Page Down
page-up Page Up
paste-formated Paste Formatted
paste-from-clipboard Paste
redo Redo
reindent-line Re-indent Current Line or Selection
remove-line Delete Line
remove-line-begin Delete Preceding Characters in Line
remove-selection Delete Selection
remove-tab Delete Tab
remove-trailing-spaces Remove Trailing Spaces
remove-word-next remove-word-next
remove-word-previous remove-word-previous
replace Replace
run-macro Run Macro
scroll-down Scroll Down
scroll-up Scroll Up
select-all Select All
select-element-next Select Next Element
select-element-previous Select Previous Element
select-identifier Select Identifier
select-line Select Line
select-next-parameter Select Next Parameter
select-word Select Word
selection-backward Extend Selection Backward
selection-begin Extend Selection to Beginning of Document
selection-begin-line Extend Selection to Beginning of Text on Line
selection-begin-word Extend Selection to Beginning of Word
selection-down Extend Selection Down
selection-end Extend Selection to End of Document
selection-end-line Extend Selection to End of Line
selection-end-word Extend Selection to End of Word
selection-first-non-white Extend Selection to First Non-whitespace Char
selection-forward Extend Selection Forward
selection-last-non-white Extend Selection to Last Non-whitespace Char
selection-line-first-column Extend Selection to Beginning of Line
selection-match-brace Extend Selection to Matching Brace
selection-next-word selection-next-word
selection-page-down Extend Selection to Next Page
selection-page-up Extend Selection to Previous Page
selection-previous-word selection-previous-word
selection-up Extend Selection Up
shift-line-left Shift Line Left
shift-line-right Shift Line Right
split-line Split Line
start-macro-recording Start Macro Recording
start-new-line Start New Line
stop-macro-recording Stop Macro Recording
switch-case Switch Case
to-lower-case To Lowercase
to-upper-case To Uppercase
toggle-case-identifier-begin Switch Capitalization of Identifier
toggle-comment Toggle Comment
toggle-highlight-search Toggle Highlight Search
toggle-line-numbers Toggle Line Numbers
toggle-non-printable-characters Toggle Non-printable Characters
toggle-toolbar Toggle Toolbar
toggle-typing-mode Toggle Typing Mode
tooltip-show Show Code Completion Tip Popup
uncomment Uncomment
undo Undo
word-match-next Next Matching Word
word-match-prev Previous Matching Word

Applies to: NetBeans 4.1, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.0

Platforms: All

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