How can I download a module from the NetBeans Update Center manually?

If you can't access the NetBeans Update Center directly from your NetBeans IDE, you can download the required modules from your web browser and install them in NetBeans manually. In order to do that follow this procedure:

  1. Visit Update Center Content Inspector
  2. Select appropriate NetBeans version and type of Update Center
  3. Push Show Content button
  4. Find module(s) you are interested in and download it by clicking its icon or name
  5. Transfer the NBM file(s) to the computer without Internet access and launch the NetBeans IDE

If you use NetBeans 6.* or newer

  1. Invoke Tools|Plugins from main menu
  2. Switch to Downloaded tab of Plugin Manager
  3. Push Add Plugins... button
  4. Browse to manually downloaded NBM file(s), select it and push Open button
  5. Push Install button, then Next > button
  6. Read license text, check I accept the terms in all license agreements option and push Install button

If you use NetBeans 3.*, 4.* or 5.*

  1. Invoke Tools|Update Center from main menu
  2. Check Install Manually Downloaded Modules (.nbm Files) option
  3. Push Next > button, then Add... button
  4. Browse to manually downloaded NBM file(s), select it and push OK button
  5. Push Next > button twice
  6. Read license text and push Accept button(s) then Next > button
  7. Finally push Finish button
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