Can I modify NetBeans source code files and distribute the IDE for free or sell it?

Yes, you can redistribute modified versions of NetBeans for free or even sell it.

However, if you modify NetBeans source code files, you must make these changes available to the NetBeans community and satisfy the other terms of the CDDL.

In general, for any file covered by the CDDL which you have modified for your product, you should:

  • include the license notice in each file
  • retain the modified file and (preferably) the diff from the NetBeans version
  • make these patches publicly available as source code, preferably by uploading them to contrib.NetBeans.org so they will be publicly archived on netbeans.org,
  • and otherwise comply with all other applicable terms of the Contributor Agreement at Contributor Agreement

Files which you wrote entirely yourself and added to the IDE you do not have to make available to the NetBeans community. Naturally if you made any general-purpose changes that could be useful for NetBeans, we would love to get them as suggested patches on nbdev@netbeans.org.

Applies to: NetBeans IDE 5.5 and later

Platforms: All

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