How to decrease startup time of NetBeans?

Less modules means shorter startup time

The IDE loads faster with fewer plugins installed. It's recommended to download and use a smaller IDE distribution with a specific feature set for your needs, or disable the features that you don't use temporarily (via Tools | Plugins).

With NetBeans 6.7 and later, by installing the full distribution you get the Feature on Demand functionality that enables the feature only when needed (first used), so the performance is less affected. You can also use Tools | Plugins to easily activate/deactivate feature areas.

Faster I/O

The speed of I/O operations is critical during startup. While there is an outgoing effort to reduce the amount of these operations there are some general hints:

  • Anti-virus programs can slow down access to files. Excluding source roots and/or NetBeans instalation dir and/or user directory from their control can decrease startup time
  • Use of network drives should be avoided. Use local disks if possible. Defragmentation also helps.

Other options to get faster startup

The performance of IDE can be tuned with JVM switches too. Some of them are documented at Tuning JVM switches for performance page.

Applies to: NetBeans 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

Platforms: All

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