How Do I Get a Detailed Debugger Log?

Who it is intended for

Debugger issues reported by NB users are sometimes only reproducible with a particular project that can not be attached to the issue (e.g. the project is not an open source). When the reproduction is crucial for fixing such issue, it is possible to run NB debugger in the logging mode on the user side and provide the resulting log. Although it is not a full substitution for a repro-case, it is often helpful.

Note again that the debugger log is not a part of debugging work-flow; it is a special way how to provide detailed info when reporting a debugger issue. Since there are two different logs, it is a good practice to agree on a particular log in the issue report.

Creating a debugger log

There are two different debugger logs--a general log and a breakpoint log; each of them can be switched on by a dedicated NB starting option:

  • General log


  • Breakpoint log


The logging messages are printed into the standard IDE log file at <Userdir>/var/log/messages.log

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