"Cannot create JDBC driver of class for connect URL 'null'" - What do I do ?

Check the following:

  • Did you correctly add your data source to the server's configuration file?
 For example, if you did not click Commit Changes in the Tomcat Admin tool, the data
 source is saved in Tomcat's Admin tool, but not in the server.xml file. 
 Open the server.xml file and check that it includes the data source
       you defined in Tomcat's Admin tool.
  • If you are using Tomcat, did you correctly add a resource link in the context.xml file?
 If you are using the Sun Application Server, check the sun-web.xml file instead. 
 Without a resource link, your web application cannot find your data source, which
 is in your server.xml file. Check your context.xml file.
  • Does your resource link reference the data source correctly?
 Check that the resource link has the same name as the data source.
 To do so, open your sun-web.xml file (for the Sun Application Server) or 
 your context.xml file and server.xml file (for Tomcat) and make sure that the
 name of the resource link is the same as the name of your data source.

For details, see the Connecting to Databases chapter of the "Using NetBeans IDE 5.5" document.

  Applies to: NetBeans 5.x, 4.x
  Platforms: All
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