How can I tell NetBeans to use Qt installed in /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.5?

NetBeans 6.8

Starting from NetBeans 6.8 it is possible to specify Qt installation in Tools -> Options -> C/C++ -> Build Tools. Enter path to desired Qt's qmake into the QMake Command text field.

NetBeans 6.7

NetBeans 6.7 uses default Qt installation on your machine, and there is no way to select it in GUI. To find the default Qt installation run the following commands:

$ which qmake
$ qmake -version
QMake version 2.01a
Using Qt version 4.3.4 in /usr/lib

Qt installation directory must be in PATH for NetBeans to detect it.

If you have several Qt installations and you want NetBeans to use a specific one, make sure that preferred Qt's installation directory precedes all other directories in PATH. NetBeans must be restarted after changing PATH for the changes to take effect.

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