I want to use Qt feature FOO but there is no corresponding checkbox in project properties. What can I do?

Qt build system (qmake) has so many features and configuration options, that it's impossible to put them in a nice and simple GUI. NetBeans project properties have GUI controls for most common properties only.

If you need something special, put your qmake code into Qt -> Expert -> Custom Definitions in project properties. Editing *.pro files under nbproject/ directly is not recommended, because those files are overwritten automatically without warning.

See Qmake Variable Reference for description of qmake variables.


Q: How do I enable QtScript module?
A: Add QT += script to Qt -> Expert -> Custom Definitions.

Q: How do I add compiler flag -std=gnu++0x?
A: Add QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=gnu++0x to Qt -> Expert -> Custom Definitions.

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