What additional privileges are needed for the Memory tool?

If you see a message in the Memory Usage tool that it needs special access rights or additional privileges, you are probably using DTrace as the data provider, and the user account does not have sufficient DTrace privileges.

To use DTrace as a Data Provider for the C/C++ profiling tools, your user account must have the dtrace_user, dtrace_proc, and dtrace_kernel privileges or your user account can be local.

To check your user privileges, type /bin/ppriv -v $$ | grep dtrace at a shell prompt. If your account doesn't have the required privileges, consult your system administrator. If you have root access to your system, you can grant your user account the required privileges.

To permanently grant required DTrace privileges to a user account:

  1. Make sure the user account whose privileges you want to modify is logged out of the system.
  2. Become superuser (root).
  3. Type the following:

$ usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,dtrace_kernel,dtrace_user,dtrace_proc user-name

To temporarily grant required DTrace privileges to a user account:

  1. Type the following to determint the process ID of the shell's process: $ echo $$
  2. Become superuser (root).
  3. In another shell, type the following:

$ ppriv -s I+dtrace_user,dtrace_proc,dtrace_kernel process-ID

All commands typed in the shell with the process-id inherit the required privileges.

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