My project has a question mark in the Projects window - what does it mean? And what should I do?

My #include directive is underlined red - what should I do?

Your project has unresolved include directives. The IDE has an internal parser that is used by code assistance features (Code completion, Classes window, Navigator, etc). The above means that this parser can not resolve some

It means that the IDE project has the wrong configuration.

Below is a list of possible reasons (arranged by probability, from most to least probable):

  • wrong or insufficient user include paths specified in the project/logical folder/file properties
  • wrong or insufficient user-defined macros specified in the project/logical folder/file properties
  • source file is included in the project by mistake
  • header file is not included in any source files and hence is included in the project by mistake

Try launching the Configure Code Assistance wizard by right-clicking the project and choosing Code Assistance > Configure Code Assistance). It helps to resolve problem. If you know exactly where the files are that correspond to the failed include directive, then you can setup project/logical folder/file properties manually.

Hold Ctrl and hover mouse over failed include directive to review paths used by internal parser.

Applies to: NetBeans 6.0 and later
Platforms: all

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