Can I use NetBeans to create a commercial application?

Yes, you can use NetBeans to create commercial applications and sell them.

There are no license costs for any kind of usage of NetBeans.

  • You can use the NetBeans IDE to create applications and sell them without any charges.
  • You can build applications on top of the NetBeans Platform and sell them without any charges.
  • You are not required to open-source your own code (but you can).

There is only one requirement from the license: If you modify sources of the NetBeans platform itself then you need to publish these changes so that the community can benefit from possible improvements. In most usecases, building an application on top of the NetBeans Platform does not require making any changes to the platform sources (you would notice if you'd be modifying the sources).

NetBeans.org can help you with promoting the applications you built using NetBeans: Just send us basic information and screenshots and we will link your application from our showcase on http://platform.netbeans.org.

Applies to: NetBeans IDE 5.5 and later

Platforms: All

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