What Are The Right Combinations of NetBeans IDE 5.5 and NetBeans Packs?

Always use together builds of the same type and from the same date.

All NetBeans based products should be able to work together, of course. There is no guarantee that all possible combination of all the available builds will work together, because the source code/modules are changing during the product life cycle/phase. The only thing that should definitely work together are builds of the same type from the same date (or "around" the same date).

  • Type: There are different types of builds: daily, q-build, beta, beta2, preview, release candidate, and final release. Do not install a Pack with a different build type as your NetBeans IDE build. It can cause unpredictable inconsistencies, since the builds may be built from different source code bases.
  • Date: Released builds are labeled with a timestamp. The timestamp follows the YYYYMMDD pattern. Install combinations of a NetBeans IDE build and a Pack whose timestamps are as close to each other as possible.


For example, you have NetBeans IDE 5.5 Beta 2 installed. Then you can add all "beta2" packs to it (but not "beta" packs).

NetBeans IDE 5.5 Beta 2 Installer works with:

  • NetBeans Profiler 5.5 Beta 2 Installer,
  • NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 Beta installer,
  • NetBeans C/C++ Pack 5.5 Beta 2 Installer,
  • NetBeans Mobility 5.5 Beta 2 Installer,
  • NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC Beta 2 installer

When then for example NetBeans IDE 5.5 Release Candidate 1 becomes available, the latest recommended combination of builds is "only install RC1 builds together", etc.

If for example Enterprise Pack 5.5 RC1 is not available yet, try the daily builds or milestones that are closest to the release date of NetBeans IDE 5.5 RC1. Note: Try this workaround only on a copy of your projects, we cannot guaranty that this will always work!

Applies to: NetBeans IDE 5.x

Platforms: All

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