I'd like to help out. How can I help moderate a list?

The more moderators there are helping out, the less work for everyone, and the faster any moderated messages will be processed and delivered to the lists. More moderators in more timezones also means there's less chance of a message waiting in the queue. If you're able to check a moderation mailbox at least twice a day, and spend approximately 5-10 minutes each time browsing messages, then you can help moderate.

Note that due to the associated responsibility of being a moderator, only people that are known on the lists, or long-time subscribers can be considered as moderators. This is to prevent an unknown person from signing up, spamming all lists with junk mail or a virus, and then using moderator privilege to approve spam.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please read the moderation guide and contact us to get the login credentials.

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