How can I configure SSPI (and other protocols provided by CVSNT)?

CVSNT provides various access method types. CVS Support in NetBeans IDE enables you to use them. One such protocol is :sspi:.

Note: The following steps use :sspi: as a sample use case, but the same steps can be applied for other protocols as well.

To configure SSPI in the IDE:

  • Make sure that the command line CVSNT is working correctly with a CVS root like :sspi:cvsServerName:/cvsrepo
  • Set the Windows environment variables: CVSRSH=C:\Program Files\ CVSNT\extnt.exe and CVSEXE=C:\Program Files\ CVSNT\cvs.exe
  • In the CVSNT installation directory, modify the extnt.ini file. (cvsServerName and /cvsrepo should be replaced with your actual values. For the directory field, use the repository listed in the CVSNT control panel from the Name column in the Repository configuration tab.) For example:
  • Make sure the CVS system variables are active.
  • Start NetBeans IDE and open the CVS Checkout wizard.
  • In Step 1: CVS Root, enter :ext:cvsServerName:/cvsrepo (cvsServerName and /cvsrepo used in extnt.ini).

Note: If you are using an external SSH method, you have to setup the SSH command: extnt cvsServerName_ (you can also use more arguments for username, password, protocol... but they are used from the extnt.ini file).

Applies to: NetBeans 5.x and later

Expanded instructions

I compiled a document using the above instructions and expanded a little on them. If people are like me ...need step-by-step instructions on how to configure something... then this attached document may be useful to them as well. I have included links to download CVSNT client only, or the client/server combo.

Also, thanks much to the original author!

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